Women. Money. Network.

WMNomics was born of the idea that women deserve access to unbiased financial education and professional money management.

Even better, let’s put a little peer pressure on the system by joining our dollars to invest in companies that do right by women +.

We’ve spent over a decade studying Womenomics and Gender Lens investing, and our team collectively has 100 years of experience in the financial services industry.



Women tend to consider the long term effects and the social implications of their investment decisions. When you couple that with an understanding of risk, women outperform male counterparts by an average of 40 basis points (.40%).

are the world’s most powerful consumers,

Financial freedom for an independent future.
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The Women Behind


Elizabeth Kagele

co-founded WMNomics and serves as Principal of Reflection Advisors, a boutique family office and consulting firm. She has over 24 years of financial services experience working with clients, families, and business owners. She actively works with women surrounding wealth education and her passion lies in educating women on ways to build generational wealth and legacy.

Jeanette Schneider

co-founded WMNomics and serves as Principal of Reflection Advisors, a boutique family office and consulting firm. She has over 25 years of wealth management experience, previously serving as a Senior Vice President with Bank of America Private Bank and an Institutional Advisor to Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) families. She is also the founder and CEO of Dear Liv, a wellness application on the Apple App Store.

Mae Loftus

co-founded WMNomics and has built a reputable career in marketing and social media strategy through her company, The M Strategy. Prior to marketing, Mae worked as a counselor in education. Her holistic approach in advising and advocating for women is an incredible asset for WMNomics.

Why This Team

Co-founded by a team of women and including former bankers and advisors (with a collective 100 years of experience), WMNomics offers unbiased financial education and access to professional portfolio management. This includes weekly calls, monthly events, quarterly investment reviews and a private Slack community.

Why WMNomics

Chief Investment Officer, Jason Britton, set out to understand how a world that creates more food than it needs, has more wealth now than at any point in human history, and has technological advancements never even imagined, could still have poverty, racism, gender wage gap, and complicated social constructs.

Jason received his undergraduate degree in behavioral economics from Georgetown and went on to complete his work at Yale. He dug into what would need to happen to bring global socio-economic prosperity and equality.

The research was clear: Invest in women.

50% of the population are women. In most developing nations women are both the solitary caregiver as well as the single source for agricultural products/nutrition for their families. In the developed world (US) women are more than 50% of undergrad and graduate degrees, significant (or even majority) of both associate roles at law firms and on Wall Street, but when you fast forward 10 years, they are less than 20% of partners in either.

Why? Because they take time away to perpetuate our species and provide life, nurturing, and sustenance to our future. For this, they take unpaid leave, are passed over, and make a maximum of 80 cents on the dollar.

Jason has spent his career dedicated to the math and the cause. He is a prolific writer and speaker and his grand thesis?

Investing in women - individually, collectively, as business owners, as consumers - is the single greatest untapped market in our world.


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Why These Funds 

Jason has spent his career methodically creating a process for evaluating securities and managers for their alignment with various value’s based issues. His work in the Gender Lens space is no different.

Jason spent six months working with the two largest women’s foundations in the United States; The Women’s Foundation of California, and The Women’s Foundation of Texas. He held focus groups, community meetings, researched and ran thousands of data points and scenarios on what it meant to be a “good” investment to and for women:

Companies that were thoughtful deploying women as strategic human capital.

Companies that were building products that were for the specific benefit or advancement of women.

Companies that were proactively engaging women as employees; as consumers, as thought leaders.
This painstaking research and focus was used to individually select the US equity composite of the WMNomics portfolios and the managers that complete the investment allocation.

The Details

Jason has selected Interactive Brokers as our custodian. They require no commissions, no custody fee, and no minimum. This provides WMNomics the ability to build models and fully digitally onboard clients. The option of fractional shares and models allows us to offer scale through models inexpensively and easily.

Most ESG (Environmental/Social/Governance) or SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) managers charge 1-1.25% and typically divest away from companies rather than building models of companies to include.

Most wealth managers have a 3 to 5 million dollar minimum.

Most digital/robo advisors offer only canned portfolios of existing vanguard or BlackRock products with no commitment to values or customization.

None of the above offer content and community for women by women with long careers in banking and finance.

Our commitment to WMNomics is to offer the highest institutional quality investment advice comprised of investments specifically curated to support and advance women. Some are low-cost partner ETFs and some are hand selected individual equities. Our low-cost flat fee asset management model is taken quarterly and in arrears from the account directly.

Our goal is to become the most accessible and economical fully focused women’s solution on the street and to influence the global economy with our collective financial power.

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WMNomics is an initiative of Reflection Asset Management, LLC (RAM), and funds are custodied with Interactive Brokers.

Disclosure: Information presented is for educational purposes only and does not intend to make an offer or solicitation for the sale or purchase of any securities and does not constitute tax advice. WMNomics website and its associated links offer news, commentary, and generalized research, not personalized investment advice, or tax planning. Investment Advisory Services offered through Reflection Asset Management LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission. Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training. WMNomics is a registered mark and an offering of Reflection Asset Management, all rights reserved. Persons operating in a principal or promoter capacity are profits interest owners and not officers or directors of Reflection Asset Management, LLC. Investments can lose principal and are not insured.